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Viola’s Home Coming: Al Harrington’s Exciting New Jersey Launch of His Premier Cannabis Brand.

Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta | Al Harrington’s career highlights. Courtesy of Viola Brands.

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt apologies for the delay in bringing you this long-awaited post. I appreciate your patience and understanding as I finally shed light on a cannabis brand that has been making waves in the industry. Prepare to be immersed in the remarkable homecoming journey of Al Harrington’s celebrated cannabis endeavor, Viola Brands. Since 2011, Viola has been regarded as the largest Black-owned cannabis brand producing premium products in the industry. The New Jersey cannabis scene has undergone a transformative shift with the launch of Viola, and its ripple effect has been felt far and wide in the Garden State. The Viola New Jersey launch took place at RISE Dispensary in Bloomfield, NJ, earlier this year in March marking a significant milestone not only for Viola but also for the broader cannabis movement in the state. This blog post explores the impact of Viola’s arrival and the pivotal role it plays in reshaping the local cannabis landscape in New Jersey.

Viola’s Home Coming to New Jersey

As a former NBA player, of 16 seasons, Al Harrington has transitioned seamlessly from the basketball court to the forefront of the cannabis industry. His personal connection to cannabis and his desire to redefine the narrative around it led to the creation of Viola. Named after his grandmother, who found relief in cannabis during her battle with glaucoma, Viola embodies the idea that cannabis can be a source of healing and empowerment. Bringing Viola to his home state of New Jersey holds a special significance for Al Harrington as he strives to contribute to the local economy, provide employment opportunities, educate the community about the benefits of cannabis, and create a positive impact on society.

Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta | Welcome Viola Brands. Courtesy of Viola Brands.

Venue Host: RISE Dispensary Bloomfield
The Viola New Jersey launch at the RISE Dispensary in Bloomfield, NJ, was an event to remember. RISE Dispensary, a recreational and medical dispensary owned by Green Thumb Industries, is known for its commitment to high-quality cannabis products and patient care, providing the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of Viola’s offerings. The event brought cannabis enthusiasts, influencers, content creators, industry experts, and community members all eager to experience Viola’s products firsthand. 

Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta. Everyone patiently waited outside in the rain to meet and support Al Harrington’s Viola brand.

Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta | A personal view of the event.

Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta | Al Harrington, Viola Brands CEO, basking in the glory of his successful New Jersey product launch.

Viola’s Product Range

Viola Brands offers a diverse range of products, from meticulously cultivated cannabis flowers that bear testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, to the convenience of prerolls, edibles, and a variety of complementary brand accessories. My own journey through the event led to exciting purchases of Strawberry Jamz and The Chauffer flowers - both hybrid -Sativa dominants in addition to receiving a handful of complimentary items that added an extra layer of delight to the entire experience.

Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta | Strawberry Jamz and The Chauffer flowers, both hybrid-Sativa dominant with additional items.
Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta. Viola Brands CEO Al Harrington and The Kool Hempsta.

Video credit: The Kool Hempsta | Viola Brands NJ Takeover Launch. Courtesy of Viola Brands.


Viola Brands New Jersey launch is a monumental event that merges cannabis advocacy, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility from a native-born resident. Al Harringtons personal passion for cannabis and combining quality products, social equity initiatives, and a commitment to education, have converged in the creation of Viola, a brand that stands for quality, community, and change. As Viola Brands continues to flourish in New Jersey, it will make a lasting impression on the cannabis community and the continued growth of the market in the Garden State.


Viola Brands


RISE Dispensary Bloomfield

26-48 Bloomfield Ave. 

Bloomfield, NJ 07003


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