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The Potential of Rescheduling Cannabis to Schedule III.

Image by 7raysmarketing from Pixabay   The cannabis industry was abuzz with a momentous development that could reshape the landscape of medical research, regulatory compliance, and investment. In a groundbreaking move, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have proposed to reschedule cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III under the […]

Why the Legal Cannabis Market is Here to Stay.

Photo credit: Damian Barczak |   The emergence and growth of the legal cannabis market hold numerous advantages over the persisting legacy market, contributing to the overall health and sustainability of the cannabis industry. Here are several reasons why many favor the legal cannabis market over the legacy market.   Reasons for the Legal […]

Why the Legacy Cannabis Market Is Heavily Rooted.

Photo credit: Dimitri Bong |   Recognizing the strengths of the legacy cannabis market is paramount in understanding the complexities of the cannabis industry market. Contrasting with the rapidly legal cannabis market, the legacy cannabis market possesses unique attributes that shape its significance and fuel ongoing debates about its coexistence with its legal counterpart. […]

The Cannabis Spectrum: The Diversity of Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis, and Hybrid Strains.

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock. In the dynamic spectrum of cannabis species, strain classification into indica, sativa, ruderalis, and hybrid has long served as a compass for enthusiasts seeking a diversity of options. The indica, sativa, ruderalis, and hybrid strains have long been the cornerstone of this classification system, offering unique characteristics and effects. These […]

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