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Wu-Tang Clan Rapper Raekwon’s Hashstoria Venture Gains Momentum in Newark.


Photo credit: The Kool Hempsta | Future location of the new Hashtoria Lounge in the Four Corners Historic District at 799-805 Broad St. (Downtown Newark).

The Hashstoria Breakthrough

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve in New Jersey, legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon The Chef’s aspirations of establishing a cannabis dispensary and an innovative on-site consumption lounge are taking significant strides towards realization in Newark, NJ. After initial setbacks, the Newark Central Planning Board has granted conditional approval for the Hashstoria franchise, backed by Raekwon himself and collaborators, to operate a Class 5 cannabis retail facility and lounge in a prime within the location of the Four Corners Historic District at 799-805 Broad St. Earlier this year, Hashstoria, an Oregon-based cannabis franchise founded by Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon The Chef, civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers, media personality and mental health advocate Charlamagne tha God, and others set its sights on making a splash in the Garden State’s green rush in downtown Newark’s historic Four Corners district.

Despite facing hurdles when the Newark Central Planning Board initially refrained from endorsing their application, during a pivotal meeting held on July 24th, board members voted to grant Hashstoria’s conditional use approval to operate a Class 5 cannabis retail facility and consumption lounge in the historic district. This green light marks a crucial step forward for Hashstoria to locate another franchise and their first franchise in New Jersey. Their other locations in Oregon are Astoria, Springfield, and Gladstone/Portland.

Historic Location and Significance High Expectations

The approved location for Hashstoria’s Class 5 cannabis retail facility and consumption lounge will be 799-805 Broad St., a strategic location in the city’s Four Corners Historic District. The area is considered vital in the city’s redevelopment, located between attractions, residential neighborhoods, educational institutions, and commercial businesses. This coveted location aligns with Hashstoria’s vision for innovation and community engagement and contributes to Newark’s ongoing revitalization efforts.

Hashstoria’s logo as featured on

High Expectations

With the approval from the planning board, Hashstoria is now primed to bring a unique and enriching cannabis retail experience to Newark. The cannabis retail space will propose an on-site consumption lounge that is poised to set a new standard for cannabis consumption, providing a space for customers to explore products while fostering a sense of community and commitment to social justice, expungement, mental health, and creativity. Given the evolving perceptions of cannabis, this honorable approach will help move beyond conventional paradigms of the plant to embrace a more inclusive and holistic experience.


Hashstoria’s collaboration with Raekwon The Chef and others to establish a pioneering cannabis retail facility and consumption lounge in Newark represents a progressive stride for the cannabis industry and the city’s cultural landscape. As the cannabis market continues to flourish in New Jersey, the Hashstoria franchise is poised to contribute to Newark’s growth, stimulate local economies, and provide a new experience of cannabis exploration for consumers and the community—compliments to the Chef.


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